In season

November 10

In now: Sadly the ecclesiastical hue of purple asparagus fades to drab when cooked so it’s best bought super-fresh and enjoyed raw.

Hard to find: Lemons are in short supply and the gap is filled with imports from the US. Search for local fruit or experiment with sour alternatives.

Best buy: Baby bok choy grows fast. When the weather stays warm it can be harvested just a month after sowing. The speedy turnaround is reflected in the price –always a bargain.

In the vegie patch: Sow a new patch of lettuce and rocket to ensure homegrown salad for Christmas lunch.

What else:

  • Add some watercress to the salad mix
  • Those big fat blueberries are at their best for only a bit longer
  • It’s getting to the end of the run for the navel oranges, and not quite time to pick the Valencias, so shop carefully to find well-stored fruit
  •  The US-developed Zee Sweet nectarines are firm when ripe – perfect for transporting long distances.  They are the only nectarine sold with a name so you know what to do if you like them, and if you don’t.

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