In season

October 13

In now: The Darwin mango season is at its peak. The harvest shifts to Katherine soon.

At their best: Pick up a daikon, a Japanese long white radish, to use in salads. The root will store well in a plastic bag in the crisper until you find time to pickle batons of it with ginger to enjoy as summer-time cocktail snacks.

Best buy: Female zucchini flowers are sold with tiny zucchini attached. Tear flowers in half, slice zucchini, fry up with leek, add mint and toss with pasta.

In the vegie patch: Pick young nasturtium leaves, about the size of a 10c piece, to add to salads.

What else:

  • the avocadoes from northern NSW are good right now
  • some bargains in cavendish bananas; lady fingers are stubbornly at the usual price
  • there are lots of imported Californian, as well as a few local Australian, grapes around. Shop carefully to reduce food miles.
  • enjoy the blueberry peak

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