In season

September 22

In now: Mulberries aren’t a big commercial crop because they don’t store well so are hard to transport. Fans without their own trees can find them in punnets now.

At its best: Sydney-grown greens are at their peak, so add spinach, kale and peas to the week’s menus.

Best buy: TPP is an early season Australian mango variety with an elongated shape and low-fibre orange flesh. Because it’s not as familiar as Kensington Pride it can be picked up at bargain prices, unless you’re shopping in Cabramatta, where the locals love its sweet flavour.

In the vegie patch: Empty space at the bottom of the garden? Plant a melon.

What else:

  • loving the fat asparagus
  • the warm weather will speed local fennel to seed soon, so indulge in some pickling now
  • the topless pineapples are sweet
  • look for chervil, which loves spring weather



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