In season

September 15

In now: Blueberries are now available most of the year, but the tastiest varieties are still those that ripen in spring. The season starts with fruit grown along the coast between Byron Bay and Coffs Harbour. Look for fruit that still carries its protective white bloom, which shows it hasn’t been over-handled or left on the shelf too long.

At its best: The honey murcott mandarins are sweet and juicy. For those who favour more tang in their citrus, tangelo is the go.

Best buy: Grab a bunch of watercress to add some bite to a salad or roast chicken sandwich.

In the vegie patch: Empty space at the bottom of the garden? Plant a melon.

What else:

  • asparagus – steamed, roasted, barbecued, or if you find a really fresh bunch – straight up raw and sweet and crunchy
  • so much broccoli!  Before the weather gets too hot to have the oven on, discover how good broccoli is roasted. Eat it hot, or let it cool to room temperature and turn it into a salad with herbs, nuts or seeds and balsamic-marinated currants.
  • loquats are only in season for a minute, so if you like them act fast
  • zucchini flowers are at their best through spring

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