In season

September 1

In now: The Victorian asparagus harvest starts this week. It’s all picked by hand early in the morning and packed off the same day. It’s at its sweetest when freshly picked so look for firm stems and tightly closed tips. To store, wrap in a damp teatowel and place in a plastic bag in the crisper. If you’re looking for more things to do with asparagus, check out the new e-cookbook, available for download today from Australian Asparagus.

At its best: Pomelo is the last of the citrus to come into season and its time is now. Peel away the thick skin, and also peel the tough membrane around each segment.  Unlike orange or grapefruit the pomelo doesn’t lose its juice into a salad so doesn’t dilute the dressing and make the the greens flabby. It’s traditional in spicy Thai salads with fresh herbs and crunchy nuts, but it’s also good with fresh and pickled fennel, or a carrot combo.

Best buy: Green and mini grey zucchini are both at bargain prices.

In the vegie patch: Feed lemon trees as the harvest finishes to promote flowering for next year’s crop.

What else:

  • the gold kiwi fruit from New Zealand won’t be around for much longer
  • the early mangoes from Northern Territory have started to arrive, but prices are higher than quality. The green mangoes are good though
  • there are some lovely little sugar bananas around
  • the okra is still good



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