In season

August 18

In now: Fresh, pink-tinged ginger is juicier than the older rhizomes and not as spicy. Use it in juices, desserts and soups, but don’t store it long. It doesn’t keep.

At its best: Blood oranges produce the anthocyanins that colour them red in response to differences in day and night time temperatures. The best coloured fruit, grown in the Riverina by the Mancini brothers under the Redbelly label, is in store now. The Mancinis are trialling an infrared scanner that they hope will enable them to assess the internal colour of the fruit in the packing shed and grade it according to its bloodiness, taking the disappointment out of cutting open a blood orange suffering from anaemia.

Best buy: Locally grown bunches of English spinach are at their most affordable.

In the vegie patch: Grow watercress in a container with a saucer. Water as soon as the saucer dries out to keep roots moist at all times.

What else:

  • plant breeders have put a tint into Chinese cabbage. Try the new  purple wombok cooked or raw.
  • radicchio is tasting great
  • the asparagus is still all imported and cold weather in Victoria means the local harvest might not make the usual September 1 launch.
  • peak of the season for celeriac

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