In season

August 11

In now: The oil content of the avocadoes builds through the season and Hass avocadoes from the mid-north coast of NSW are now at their rich and creamy peak. Choose green fruit and ripen to black at home, safely away from shoppers who squeeze.

At its best: Queensland-grown Roma tomatoes have hit their winter sweet spot.

Best buy: Kohlrabi is a member of the cabbage family. Like fennel, the swollen stem of the plant is the bit we treasure. Steam, roast or use raw in a remoulade-style salad.

In the vegie patch: Pick peas often to encourage more flowering and a bigger harvest.

What else:

  • Buy some mushrooms for vitamin D. Sounds ridiculous – mushrooms grow in the dark, how can they produce vitamin D! But mushrooms are still living when they are harvested and once exposed to light start to generate vitamin D. Some producers are now exposing their mushrooms to light and these vitamin D labelled mushrooms supply 100% of vitamin D daily requirements in a serve, which is just three average-sized button mushroom, or one large flat. You can make any mushrooms into vitamin D mushrooms simply by putting them out in the sun for a few hours. Most of that vitamin D is retained once they go into the fridge, and even once they are fried in butter on served on toast!
  • Celeriac is being harvested in Victoria and NSW so the abundant supply means more affordable bulbs.
  • Seville oranges for marmalade won’t be available much longer.
  • Pick up bargains on rain-affected Queensland strawberries.  The rain means they don’t keep, so feast or make a quick jam.

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