In season

July 7

In now: Green garlic is the name given to the shoots and developing bulbs of garlic. It’s eaten fresh, not cured. Use the stem and leaves as well as the mild crunchy bulb.

At its best: Homegrown lemons are in peak supply. This unwaxed fruit is best for preserving so beg from friends if not harvesting your own.

Best buy: Bullhorn peppers are red, yellow, dark green or lime green. They live on the sweet capsicum side of the pepper family rather than the chile side and carry just a mild bite. Delicious raw, they are also tasty, and shapely, when stuffed and baked.

In the vegie patch: Pick fallen leaves off vegetable and herb seedlings to prevent them being smothered.

What else:

  • broccoli is a bargain this week
  • the cabbages have had enough cold nights to develop sweet flavours
  • mushrooms go with almost everything
  • make the most of cheap brown onions. Caramelise a couple, add sliced black olives, lemon zest and chopped parsley and pile atop of piece of grilled fish.

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