In season

June 30

In now: Globe artichokes are one of winter’s bitter treats.

At its best: Seedless watermelon is hitting a sweet spot. If a cool salad of sweet watermelon chunks, fresh herbs and salty fetta seems too cold; grill the watermelon in slices for a few minutes each side then pile on the herbs and cheese.

Best buy: Eggplant is a bargain, and the weather feels right for a moussaka.

In the vegie patch: Sow snow pea seeds directly where they are to grow, in the garden or in a pot. Water the seeds gently after sowing, and then not again until after germinate.

What else:

  • quality is increasing and prices are decreasing on Queensland strawberries. I’ll be eating them straight from the farm, and in the region’s great restaurants soon with a group of food and garden lovers. Can’t wait!
  • cold nights are a good excuse to eat too many potatoes.  I recently rediscovered what in this house are called Evil Potatoes.  Slice potatoes super thin ( I use a mandolin), pat dry with kitchen paper, then layer into a casserole dish with salt, pepper, nutmeg and dobs of butter. Add milk to about half the volume of potatoes and a few more dobs of butter on top. Cook at 180 until the potatoes are soft and brown on top.
  • the imperial mandarins are especially good this year so don’t leave them all for the kids
  • snow peas are a good price this week

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