In season

June 2

In now: Custard apples are at their sweet and creamy best. Ripe fruit gives slightly to the touch, like a perfect avocado. Ripen firm fruit by pairing with a banana in a paper bag.

At its best: The eggplant season has started in southern Queensland. Try one blackened on the barbecue, flesh scooped out, mashed and mixed with a little tahini, natural yoghurt and pinch of salt.

Best buy: Citrus is the bargain. Indulge in navel oranges, mandarins and pink and ruby grapefruit.

In the vegie patch: There’s no such thing as too much parsley in winter. Plant more in sunny spots in the garden or in pots.

What else:

  • not admiring your own lemons ripening to golden loveliness? Get thee to a garden centre.
  • make the most of the quinces, which won’t last
  • choose mid-size roots of parsnip
  • chervil is loving the cooler weather

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