In season

May 5

In now: The Australian navel orange season traditionally starts on Anzac Day. The first fruit is pale, mouth-wateringly tart and firm. It will sweeten up as the season continues. Shop carefully as imports are still around.

At its best: Pretty, pink-freckled borlotti beans don’t keep their colour when cooked, but look great on the kitchen bench while dinner is considered.

Best buy: The best flavour in Brussels sprouts comes with the cooler weather. Shred and sauté, halve and roast, or quarter and steam.

In the vegie patch: Order rhubarb crowns for planting in winter into a patch dug over with lots of manure and compost.
What else:

  • swedes aren’t just for soup. Try roasting them in chunks next time you do a chook.
  • time for roasted parsnips too.
  • expect increases in prices for locally grown produce wrecked by the storms.
  • different varieties of avocado briefly available at the same time means you can try a taste test.

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