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May 26

In now: Honey pears have the cinnamon colouring of a buerre bosc with a wonderful perfume and creamy texture.

Hanging on: The grape harvest is over and the fruit for sale is coming out of cold storage. Flavour is still good.

Best buy: Cauliflower is so versatile and such a good keeper that a whole one is the best buy.

In the vegie patch: Sage collapses in the cold so enjoy a final fling before it goes. Fry clean dry leaves in olive oil and sprinkle with salt to eat as a snack, or to top roasted vegetables, bean soups, or pan-fried chicken.
What else:

  • curly kale has been unavoidable all year, and now that the cool weather has started its sister kale, cavolo nero, has joined the party
  • all the apples are at their sweet and juicy best
  • there are bargains to be had in bagged carrots
  • those who like a tart start to the morning should hunt around for the increasingly rare ‘Marsh’ white graefurit

2 thoughts on “May 26

  1. Veronica Rickard says:

    Hi Robin,
    Elizabeth David suggests layering fresh sage leaves in salt to use in the winter. I’ve done this and it’s the best way to preserve the flavour, unlike dried sage leaves which don’t have good flavour.

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