In season

March 24

In now: Kanzi apples mix the sweetness of royal gala with the crunch of braeburn. Greenstars follow the kanzi harvest. The particularly high levels of vitamin C in greenstars means they don’t brown as quickly as other apples when cut.

At its best: The late-season plums have some of the best flavours. Look out for autumn giant and October sun.

Best buy: Brown onions are harvested in South Australia and Tasmania at this time of year. Bulk buy bags are a great bargain: share with friends.

In the vegie patch: Plant garlic cloves in good soil in full sun. Choose fat cloves and plant 15cm apart, 8cm deep. Harvest next summer.

What else:

  • dill will become scarce as the weather cools, so now’s the time for a dill and walnut pesto to coat beans, or for dill-rich tartare with fried fish
  • store nashis in the fridge, and eat while still tinged with green
  • some good bargains on sweet potato, also called kumara
  • lots of dragonfruit around.

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