In season

March 17

In now: Most persimmon grown in Australia are sweet persimmon which can be eaten hard and crisp, or let soften. Find them also called fuji fruit.

At its best: Rockmelons that ripened through the long summer months are now sweet eating. They are being picked in Hay and Griffith in NSW and in South Australia.

Best buy: Large zucchini that grew too fast for the pickers are a bargain. Not so good for salads or quick sautés, these are perfect for souping or using in baked goods.

In the vegie patch: Keep picking the flower heads off the basil to prolong the harvest.

What else:

  • expect some pine mushrooms to start popping up
  • broccoli is briefly pricey in the lull between the Victorian and Queensland harvests
  •  it’s the moment for Roman beans, also sold as flat beans
  • breakfast fruit is a challenge, with mangoes all but finished and oranges not yet begun. Go melon or custard apple or those peaches you poached when they were so good!

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