In season

March 10

In now: Collect chestnuts and walnuts from under the trees at Kookootonga nut farm in Mount Irvine. It’s open every day until the season ends in about six weeks. It’s a lovely way to spend a few hours; this is what it looked like last year:

Chestnut picking Mount Wilson And if you’re not sure what to do with chestnuts one you have them in your hands, have a look here.

Almost over: Enjoy mangoes for the next few weeks; when the trees in northern NSW are bare there’ll be no more local mangoes until October.

Best buy: Pumpkin prices have been heading south for years, and are now below the cost of production, causing many farmers to swap crops. Make the most of cheap pumpkin; it can’t last.

In the vegie patch: Throw a handful of blood and bone on the compost heap to keep it moving fast.

What else:

  • the citrus season is still weeks away so those mandarins, blood oranges, pomelo and navels are all imported, and of very variable quality.
  • the green seedless grapes are giving way to the crimson seedless, which I reckon have superior flavour.
  • plenty of hot pink dragonfruit around
  •  quinces have arrived in stores, but hold out for riper fruit.

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