In season

January 20

In now: The achacha season started late this year but the Queensland-grown harvest of these Bolivian natives has now started. The fruit is related to mangosteen and likewise offers a sweet treat inside a thick skin.

Act fast: Blood plums have only a short season. Buy shiny firm fruit to eat fresh, and jam or stew any that go soft.

Best buy: It’s been a great year for yellow peaches, and there are bargains in trays.

In the vegie patch: The rain and heat have everything growing madly, including mildew, snails and slugs. Keep a close eye and act on problems fast.

What else:

  • Sydney-grown figs are available. All the rain has caused the fruit to split, so they’re best cooked. Try halved or quartered figs pan-fried til caramelised and piled on to mignonette lettuce and torn basil. Add fresh goat’s curd or fetta and dress with a balsamic dressing.
  • dragonfruit looks like a hot pink hand grenade and tastes sweet and mild
  • local eggplants are great value
  • look out for bargains on locally-grown passionfruit

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