In season

November 18

In now: Ripe honeydew has a waxy, cream-coloured skin and juicy flesh. It is sweetest at room temperature.

At its best: The mysterious mushroom increases its growth in response to barometric pressure, even in a climate-controlled shed. Salute the weirdness in salads and grills.

Best buy: The white and yellow-fleshed peaches grown on the NSW north coast and around the Hawkesbury are coming good.

In the vegie patch: The soft fresh leaves of kaffir lime are delicious finely shredded and scattered over anything Thai. Adults only – infuse leaves in vodka for a week. Discard leaves, experiment with a Christmas cocktail.

What else:

  • keep an eye out for Bel Oro melons which arrive in November
  • last chance for artichoke preservers
  • the Northern Territory mangoes are at their peak
  • look for Sydney-grown big sweet camerosa strawberries




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