In season

October 28

In now: The cherry auction that officially launches the stonefruit season is scheduled for next week. Don’t be fooled –the best cherries are a few weeks off yet.

At its best: The big fat blueberries from the NSW north coast are flavour bombs and will be plentiful for only a few more weeks so indulge now.

 Best buy: Cabbage is a bargain. Braise with butter or bacon, pickle, or shred for a classic or Asian-style slaw.

In the vegie patch: Pick some flowers for salads: pea flowers, rosemary, viola, rose, thyme, sage and garlic chives are all tasty. Only use those grown without sprays.

 What else:

  • mulberries are still good
  • double-pod those big broad beans
  • go mad on the eggplant
  • try the flat Roman beans



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