In season

September 9

In now: Loquats are the first new fruits of spring. Find them in bunches on the stem in Asian supermarkets, or loose in boxes elsewhere.

At its best: Blood oranges are at their most vibrantly coloured. Add to cocktails, ice creams, sorbets, or simple sliced strawberries.

Best buy: Spinach takes off with the warm weather so bargains can be found, especially in full-grown bunches.

In the vegie patch: Hang fruit fly traps to catch and kill male fruit flies. If males are about so are females that lay eggs in developing fruit. Start an organic spray program with eco-naturalure. Here’s more on dealing with fruit fly.

What else:

  • if you love a choko now is the time
  • make a salad with pomelo, herbs, peanuts and a sweet chilli dressing. Here’s one if you don’t want to make up your own.
  • there are some early season Australian grapes around, but most are imported. Shop with care
  • the melon to look for is Piel de Sapo, also called Spanish Frog melon



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