In season

September 2

In now: Spring launches our asparagus season. Most is grown in Koo Wee Rup in the West Gippsland area of Victoria. Pickers are out at dawn to supply the freshest possible stems. Don’t waste their efforts: buy to eat.

Last chance: Last of the quinces, and the end of the custard apples. Want to do something extraordinary with the last of the custard apples? Peter Gilmour’s Snow egg: custard apple ice cream inside a poached meringue egg, coated with a crunchy shell, atop sorbet and granita of varying tropical fruits. This version matches the egg with strawberry guava.

Best buy: Red capsicum is the current bargain. Barbecue to black and blistered, sweat in plastic to loosen the skin, then peel and store strips of flesh in olive oil. Use on bruschetta, and in salads and sauces.

In the vegie patch: Replant the herb garden with new basil seedlings.

What else:

  • the local avocado season is a dud this year, expect fruit from New Zealand
  • Afourer is the mandarin of the moment
  • artichokes are at their best
  • figs from US and Queensland are available, but hang on til summer for better quality fruit.

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