In season

September 16

In now: The best blueberries from the northern rivers area of NSW start now.

At its best: NSW crops of broad beans are joining those of Queensland to swell supplies. Enjoy the bounty.

Best buy: Iceberg lettuce has a bargain moment in early spring. Use that refreshing crunch in a classic burger or with bang bang chicken; stir fry it with garlic; or cut it in wedges and drizzle with a salty creamy dressing, like anchovy aioli, blue cheese and buttermilk or fetta and yoghurt. To make the fetta dressing, put a wedge of fetta, a spoonful of thick natural yoghurt and a squeeze of lemon juice in the food processor with a teaspoon of sugar. Whizz to combine and then adjust flavours to suit your taste.

In the vegie patch: Plant watermelon seeds now for melons before New Year.

What else:

  • parsnips are cheap for another few weeks
  • grey zucchini are just as delicious as black
  • cucumbers are as pricey as mangoes for another week or so
  • broccoli is still a bargain

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