In season

August 5

In now: Seville oranges are only around for a short time, so get the jam jars out. Too tart to eat fresh, this citrus is the Queen of Marmalade. You can pick your own sevilles at Anderson Farm, on the banks of the Hawkesbury at Sackville.  Details at Hawkesbury Harvest.

At its best: There is a wardrobe of mandarin choices; Honey Murcotts are the pick.

Best buy: Thrifty types are loving prices on cauliflower. Choose firm heads with creamy white curds to soup, roast, or fry up with spices and chunks of potato in an aloo gobi. Here’s a simple recipe from SBS. But if you’re growing your own curry leaves (good move!) make this Jamie Oliver version.

In the vegie patch: Onion planting day is traditionally the shortest day of the year, but it’s not too late to do it now. Space-challenged? Plant spring onions. Sow a row every few weeks for a continual supply.

What else:

  • there are pick-your-own cumquats at Watkins Family Farm at Wisemans Ferry
  • expect a recent frost in Bowen to play havoc with capsicum supply and prices
  • the good blood oranges from South Australia have started
  • there’s a bit of spaghetti squash around.  Thrill the kids with something completely different!

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