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August 12

In now: Sumo mandarins are as ugly as they are tasty. They have low levels of the white webbing that clings to mandarins, which is called ragging. This accentuates their sweet, fragrant flavours. This season, Leeton-based grower Pacific Fresh is supplying Woolworths. Expect stocks to last for anther month.

At its best: West Australian-grown tamarillos are only around for a short season, so lovers of the tree tomato should act fast. Tamarillo is another New Zealand marketing handle, like kiwi fruit. Prior to 1967, this fruit was known only as tree tomato, but a competition for something sexier matched amarillo (Spanish for yellow, the original colour of the fruit) with tomato, to come up with tamarillo.

Best buy: Enjoy the chestnuts before the season ends.

In the vegie patch: Sow seed of borage to feed the bees and increase pollination of summer vegetables. As a bonus the flowers and new leaves are edible, with a subtle cucumber-like flavour.

What else:

  • cool weather makes for great flavour in the brassica clan, including in gai lan
  • still good bargains around in leeks
  • the Jerusalem artichokes are terrific
  • Australian asparagus is only weeks away



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