In season

July 1

In now: Rhubarb grows most of the year, but we love it best when the weather demands crumbles and pies and simple stewed fruit.
At its best: Australian-grown pomegranates are delicious. Cut in half, flick out the arils to use in salads, or atop a slow braise of lamb with torn mint leaves and yoghurt.
Best buy: The best navels from the Riverland start this month. Pay top dollar for unmarked fruit, or bargain prices for marked fruit sold in bags.
In the vegie patch: Sow a few beetroot and radish seeds every month for a continuous supply.

What else:

  • good weather for cauliflower soup
  • blood limes are available in punnets. Use the tangy beads atop creamy winter oysters
  • celeriac is at its best. Use raw, grated and doused in a mustardy mayo, or roast, puree or soup
  • buy a few pears often so there is always a perfectly ripe treat for after dinner

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