In season

June 10

In now: Golden beetroot is becoming easier to find. Use the yellow orbs as you would regular beetroot.
At its best: The almonds swept from the ground in early autumn are now finding their way into stores. Check use-by dates to find the freshest nuts and buy in small amounts so they stay fresh. Almondco is a processor in Renmark, South Australia, that is owned by local almond growers.  You can buy almonds direct from them here.
Best buy: Some bargains to be had in small but fragrant quinces. Brown marks on the skin don’t affect the flavour.
In the vegie patch: Use a clothes peg to pin the large leaves over developing cauliflower. Protection from direct sunlight will prevent the curd yellowing.

What else:

  • there’s lots of stone fruit from the US in stores
  • the strawberries from Queensland have started
  • avocados are excellent at the moment, and affordable again
  • borlotti beans are in

One thought on “June 10

  1. Jane Nicholls says:

    Loving your blog, Robin. Especially the what to buy now… always good advice. I’m cooking more since I’ve been reading your blog. Now, let’s see if it can inspire me to garden more. I’m betting yes!

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