In season

May 8

Here’s my column for the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food section this week, with some additions. Happy shopping and chopping!

In now: More of us prefer sweet ruby grapefruits to the old-fashioned tart white Marsh grapefruit. The upshot of our sweet tooth is that that growers are digging out or grafting over their remaining Marsh trees. Those who like the mouth-puckering acidity of traditional white grapefruit should hunt them up now, when they are in what passes for their peak supply.
At their best: Choose medium-sized heads of celeriac and, for ease of peeling, hunt out the less bumpy specimens.
Best buy: Red papaya is at its peak. Mix chunks with mandarin segments and a fresh lime syrup.
In the vegie patch: Rhubarb and asparagus, which grow from crowns, can be ordered online now. They’ll arrive, dormant and ready to plant, in the winter.

What else:

  • red seedless grapes aren’t as red as usual because of the heat in late summer which bleached the colour a bit; taste is as good as ever
  • time for cauliflower soup
  • chestnuts are plentiful
  • full-grown English spinach is good value



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