In season

May 28

In now: The pungent roots of horseradish are more easily found from mid-autumn. Grate it to use fresh as the flavour fades once it is exposed to air.

At its best: Thirty years ago New Zealand researchers crossed their fingers and two apples – a braeburn and a royal gala. The best of the offspring was trademarked as jazz, and is now widely available.

From the cool room: Grape harvest is over so all grapes available now are being taken from cold storage. Flavour is still okay, but the fruit tends to fall from the stems and doesn’t last as long as fresh fruit.

In the vegie patch: Make the most of the tasty young growth on sage. My current favourite: risotto with lemon zest, topped with cubes of caramelised roasted pumpkin, chopped hazelnuts, fresh goat’s curd and sage leaves fried in butter until the leaves are crispy and the butter is brown and nutty.

What else:

  • green capsicums are a bargain.
  • the weirdly warm weather is bringing on more broccoli
  • papaya is still in its autumn flush
  • lots of persimmons, mostly of the sweet kind that can be eaten firm





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