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April 30

Here’s my column for the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food section this week, with some additions. Happy shopping and chopping!

In now: Unwrap an instant childhood flashback by peeling a baggy-skinned, sweet and juicy, imperial mandarin.
At their best: Autumn sweetcorn is delicious roasted or barbecued. Buy cobs in their husks where possible.
Best buy: All the pumpkins are bargains, but the cheapest are the japs and jarrahdales. Both are more watery than a butternut so give them a bit of extra room in the roasting tin so they’ll caramelise and not stew.
In the vegie patch: Sow a row of spring onions every few weeks for an ongoing supply. They are delicious chopped and stir-fried with zucchini chunks. Top with roughly chopped roasted hazelnuts.

What else:

  • are you going to try to pickle your own olives this year? Now’s the time.
  • celebrate the local season of pomegranates
  • forget the green grapes, red seedless are still good
  • the last of the autumn raspberries are delicious, but they’re pricey



2 thoughts on “April 30

  1. Libby Cameron says:

    Here in Turkey the flavour of my day is pomegranate and orange juice..wonderful refreshing flavour!

  2. Robin Powell says:

    Yum, that sounds good. When I was forced by the hoards of circling fruit fly to pick all my pomegranates in one go, I juiced some that were unstung and froze the juice. With the new navels now in season, I’m thinking a cube of frozen pomegranate juice with a freshly squeezed orange might be coming my way for breakfast (or with a dash of sparkling wine, it could be fuelling my early evening!).
    Thanks for the tip Lib. Happy travels!

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