In season

April 23

Here’s my column for the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food section this week, with some additions. Happy shopping and chopping!

In now: Anzac Day is the traditional beginning of the navel orange season. Early season fruit tends to be paler and more tart than later fruit: perfect for a morning wake-up and to add to a salad of fennel, rocket and dried black olives.
At their best: Autumn fennel has the best flavour. Choose fat bulbs with fronds fresh enough to eat.
Best buy: Eat packham, beurre bosc and corella pears fresh, poached or roasted before they get overripe and mushy.
In the vegie patch: Choose a healthy fat head of Australian organic garlic and plant the plumpest cloves 5cm deep and a handspan apart in full sun.

 What else:

  • our banana supply is safe. Cyclone Ita damaged some plants, but the impact is nothing like the the slaughter of Larry in 2006.
  • the cool season brussels sprouts have started
  • all the rain means you should be able to find plenty of pine mushrooms in stores
  • quince is at its best

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