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Carrots with olives

Carrots are a vegetable bargain year-round. Buy firm and upstanding roots, store them out of plastic, loose in the crisper. Use them before they lose their internal fortitude and go limp and skuzzy.

Cold: Grated carrot salad

Grate and dress with lime juice mixed with sugar and allspice to taste. Torn mint, toasted pine nuts, and/or currants soaked in balsamic vinegar are tasty optional extras.

Hot: Carrots fried with black olives

Cut peeled carrots into chunks or rounds. Fry in olive oil over a low heat with the lid on.  When soft and a little caramelised, take off the lid to evaporate the water, add a chopped clove of garlic and a handful of black olives cut into slices. Cook until the garlic is fragrant and any juices have evaporated. This is almost as good at room temperature as it is piping hot.

Haute: Carrots cooked in carrot juice

David Chang (Momofoku) ramps up the carrot flavour of carrots by cooking them in carrot juice – with butter and kombu. To do it heat a cup of carrot juice and a sheet to kombu over a low heat to let the flavours come together.  In a separate pan melt a big knob of butter, add three or four scrubbed carrots chopped in chunks, a pinch of salt and the carrot juice (but not the kombu). Put the lid on and cook until the carrots are done the way you like.


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