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All my favourite things come together on tour – food, gardens, travel.  I lead small groups of like-minded people and we have fun. Here’s what’s coming up:

Inside Victoria
October 28 – November 5, 2018 
Ross Garden Tours


Stonefields, Paul Bangay

We had a ball on this tour last year. See Paul Bangay’s very impressive Stonefields, shown here, Rick Eckersley’s Musk Farm and other standout private gardens at their lush spring peak. We spend four night’s in the historic luxury of Craig’s Royal in Ballarat, and four in the modern chic of Flinders Hotel on the Mornington Peninsula. There are wine tastings and some great meals, including lunch at home with chef Annie Smithers. The full itinerary is here.

2 thoughts on “Travel with me

  1. Christine Munce says:

    Good morning Robin. On this rainy Tuesday morning, I lost myself in browsing Ross Garden Tours for 2017. I found the Inside Victoria tour which I went on last year. I’m so tempted to do it again as the tweaks to the tour, look fabulous. Are there many differences? (Apart from the obvious that I can easily detect?) Mmmmm….decisions! I also see you’re taking a tour to Bathurst area.Mmmmm… More decisions!

    • Robin Powell says:

      Tough decision indeed Chris! I love the changes to the Vic itinerary. We’ll get to see two more outstanding gardens – Karkalla and Musk Farm – that we missed last year, and have a bit more chance to taste the wines of the areas we’re traveling through. The big change is that we’ve reversed the order of things to finish up at the lovely Flinders Hotel, and now we’ll only pack the one time, when we leave Ballarat. Annie Smithers is in the process of moving to a new property and is very excited to show us where she is and what she’s doing. I spoke to her the other day and she told me again how much fun she had hosting us, and what a great group we were. So many great experiences, I can see why you’re tempted to do it again. On the other hand – Bathurst! This is a new itinerary, not yet up online, and a shorter trip. We’ll see some smaller private gardens in town that I’m sure you’ll find interesting, and you might be keen to see Mayfield in its spring clothes! And of course I’ll do my best to make it delicious! Decisions, decisions….

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