In season

October 4

In now: Blueberries hit a sweet peak through October when the best varieties are ripening in the north of NSW. Look for berries still showing the white bloom that indicates just-picked freshness.

At its best: If it’s footy final time it must be morel season. These honeycomb-domed fungus are one of the few springtime mushrooms, and last only until warm weather brings the flies.

Best buy: Papaya has a big flush in autumn and in spring, and the fruit arriving now from Mossman in tropical north Queensland is fragrant and sweet.

In the vegie patch: Ensure potted lemons get regular water while they are in flower.

What else:

  • With weather warming it’s possible now to find real French tarragon, rather than the coarse-flavoured but tough Russian tarragon that fools the unwary through winter.
  • Bean sprouts take about six days to grow from mung bean seeds that are spread in shallow vats. For freshest sprouts shop in Asian grocers which buy in daily.
  • Add broad beans to everything.
  • Ditto for asparagus, which is delicious raw, roasted, barbecued, steamed or stir fried.

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