In season

October 11

In now: Purple asparagus is a small proportion of the Australian harvest so only briefly available. Use raw to maintain that great colour.

At its best: As the weather warms bananas are back to their gleaming golden best after a grey-skinned winter.

Best buy: The pale green and white, oval-shaped chicory that is sold as Belgian endive has a mild bitter flavour that’s at its best in spring. Use in salads, or slice and sauté as a side.

In the vegie patch: Pick organically grown flowers from the garden to add to salads. Try thyme, rosemary, viola and pot marigold.

What else:

  • Lots of seedless watermelon from the Northern Territory. The original seedy version has been popular in Egypt for at least 5000 years, if evidence of seeds and leaves in ancient tombs is anything to go by.
  • Local growers are harvesting the spring flush of bok choy.
  • Add sliced zucchini flowers to a salad of soft leaves and goats cheese.
  • Given that pears were all picked in autumn, how good they are now depends on how well they’ve been stored. Sure signs of a problem – brown spots of rot developing before the fruit ripens. Beat the rot by eating them greener and firmer than you did earlier in the season.

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