In season

August 30

In now: Green garlic is the shoot and bulb of garlic, harvested young, before the head of garlic cloves develops. Used like spring onions – stem, bulb and all – it has a milder flavour than mature garlic.

At its best: Blood oranges develop colour as they hang on the tree so now’s the time for richly coloured juice.

Best buy: Feast on navel oranges. Add segments to salads, and for dessert dress slices with honey, cinnamon and chopped dates, or with shaved dark chocolate and chopped pistachios.

In the vegie patch: Sow a range of lettuce into a sunny, richly prepared spot.

What else:

  • quinces won’t be around for much longer
  • the price of green beans has finally dropped back, though the flavour is still not great
  • both black-skinned hass and green-skinned reed avos are good value at the moment
  • Jerusalem artichokes are humble veg, unless you eat them at Sepia, where Martin Benn roasts them and stuffs them full of truffle and artichoke cream and tops them with shaved truffles. Might have been the dish of a wonderful long night. At home I’ll skip the truffles, but repeat the deliciousness of roasted-until-caramelised Jersulem artichokes.

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