In season

August 23

In now: The world’s tastiest citrus looks like an ugly tangelo. It’s a dekopon, sold in Australia as sumo citrus, kon fruit or kon mandarin. Supplies are limited but if you see it, try it.

On the way: The Australian asparagus season officially starts on September 1 and early spears are already available.

Worth trying: Figs are a summer crop but it’s always summer in the Northern Territory and this winter the northern figs are really tasty.

In the vegie patch: Sow tomato seed into jiffy pots and keep in a warm spot inside ready to plant out as soon as the weather is reliably warm.

What else:

  • have you been making the most of the truffles? Won’t be on for much longer.
  • green garlic is garlic pulled from the ground as the bulb is just starting to develop. They look like spring onions and can be used in the same way – green bit and white bit. The flavour is milder than mature garlic with a nice grassy freshness.
  • while pears are cheap, buy some to pickle, some to chutney, some to caramelise with lots of butter and some to slice thinly, roll in lemon juice and dry in a dehydrator or low oven.
  • blood oranges are at their best at the end of winter, and this is the moment for seville oranges too. Jam makers should get busy.

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