In season

August 16

In now: The early broad beans have arrived, a promise of spring not too far away.

At its best: All the brassicas improve in flavour when the weather is cold, and gai lan is no exception. Look for fresh, firm leaves, with no wilting or yellowing.

Best buy: The thick skin of the pomelo acts as a source of moisture for the fruit once it’s picked, making pomelo a good choice for the cook who turns out to have far less cooking time than anticipated. The pomelo will wait.

In the vegie patch: Mr Fothergills has released mushroom packs for grow-your-own golden or pearl oyster mushrooms. Soak the spore-impregnated brick overnight, keep moist for two weeks then harvest.

What else:

  • ruby and white grapefruit are both in great shape
  • Australian-grown pomegranates will be finished soon
  • now is not the time for beans, but the Brussels sprouts are terrific
  • try the brown and freckled squat honey pears, also called winter nelis

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