In season

July 5

In now: The cold snap has coloured up the blood oranges grown in the Riverina. Also making pink juice right now are Cara Cara navels, which are sweeter and less complex in flavour than blood oranges.

At its best: The side shoots that grow when the main head is cut from a broccoli plant are sold as bunch broccoli or baby broccoli. The stems look like broccolini so unscrupulous types sometimes sell them as broccolini, which is a broccoli-gai lan that is more expensive than either of its parents because it is grown under license.

Best buy: Feel like you’re eating more Brussels sprouts than you used to? Production has doubled since 2009.

In the vegie patch: Get some blue-flowered plants into the garden to attract bees and boost pollination come spring.

What else: 

  • lots of gold kiwifruit from New Zealand, as well as the new red variety, which has a gorgeous sunbust of red flesh at its centre
  • quinces are still good
  • last chance for a pesto before the basil gives up for winter
  • Queensland-grown chokos are cheap this week

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