In season

July 12

In now: Kalettes are a cross between Brussels sprouts and kale that look like sprouts off to the Year 10 Formal in purple ruffles. They debuted last winter and won enough fans to increase production by six times this year.

At its best: Radicchio comes as a round cabbage look-alike and as a longer, thinner endive-like version. The round one is milder and better for salads; the longer one more bitter and better for braises.

Best buy: Take advantage of cheap carrots for soup. Treated the usual way, carrots make a thin and uninspired soup, but roasted first they develop sweetness, complexity and a better texture.

In the vegie patch: Order certified virus-free seed potatoes to plant out in spring. While you wait store them in egg cartons in a warm dark spot to encourage sprouting.

What else:

  • the rockmelons are coming from the Northern Territory and they’re good.
  • hunt up fresh turmeric root now. It’s a revelation in curries.
  • there’s an occasional bargain in bunches of slim leeks.
  • swedes are at their best now until the end of winter

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