In season

June 7

In now: English spinach is at its best in cool weather. Buy to eat as it won’t keep.

At its best: Stew some richly coloured rhubarb to top breakfast porridge.

Best buy: Hail storms last spring ravaged developing pears in the Goulburn Valley, where 90 per cent of Australian pears are harvested. More than 600 tonnes of damaged fruit was juiced, and most of what was salvaged is superficially marked. Marketed as Hailstorm Heroes, you’ll find these marked but tasty pears in Woolworths, IGA and Aldi.

In the vegie patch: Cut down dried asparagus stems and feed the patch aged manure to promote spring’s harvest.

What else:

  • chestnuts, not for much longer
  • kohlrabi is good
  • there’s plenty of okra about for those who like a little bit of slimy
  • green capsicums are always cheaper than red ones because they are picked earlier, so give farmers quicker case. Use that bitter edge to balance the earthy mealiness of a black bean stew or pulled pork burrito.

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