In season

June 28

In now: Dutch plant breeders first crossed purple cabbage with Brussels sprouts to create purple sprouts in the 1940s. Expect to see more of them around this winter.

At its best: Flush with the success of rebranding Chinese gooseberries as kiwifruit, New Zealand fruit farmers mashed ‘tama’, Maori for leader, with ‘amarillo’, Spanish for yellow, to turn the tree tomato into tamarillo, now in peak season.

Best buy: Can’t beat bags of navel oranges, sold as juicing oranges but perfect for eating.

In the vegie patch: Gardeners growing French tarragon should make up another bottle of tarragon vinegar before the herb dies down for the winter.

What else:

  • feeling it’s time for apple pie? Braeburn and golden delicious give the best tart-sweet balance and won’t go to mush in a pie crust.
  • cumquats are available for the jam makers
  • toss cubes of peeled,  steamed kohlrabi in one of the season’s peppery fresh olive oils, such as Cobram Estate’s First Harvest
  • try celeriac remoulade with corned beef and mustard.



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