In season

June 21

In now: Truffles get better as the weather gets colder, and a couple of good frosts are necessary to build aroma. The early harvests have started in cold areas around the country. Join the hunt with trained dogs at The Truffle Farm, outside Canberra.

At its best: Dutch carrots aren’t just carrots pulled early from their homes, but a variety bred to be mature twice as fast as regular carrots. Look for bunches with fresh-looking leaves.

Best buy: Wombok responds well to cold nights and is especially good now.

In the vegie patch: The shortest day of the year is the traditional time to sow onions.

What else:

  • cold soils make the sweetest parsnips, so the season starts now
  • pretty blushed corella pears are an Australian fruit, bred by the German settler orchardists of the Barossa Valley
  • treat rapini like cavolo nero, briefly blanching before frying up with garlic
  • chervil likes the cool weather

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