In season

June 14

In now: The sweetest winter pineapples are the hydrids, which are grown under license and consequently sold with the tops cut off so that buyers can’t regrow the fruit.

At its best: While imperials are our favourite mandarins there’s now a wide choice of sweet citrus. Also in season are nova, daisy and afourer. For a tangier option hunt up tangelos, which are a cross between a mandarin and a grapefruit.

Best buy: Creamy hass avocadoes are plentiful again after a thinly supplied autumn.

In the vegie patch: ‘Clementine’ mandarins, unlike most mandarins, can hang on the tree for months without deteriorating: perfect for home gardeners.

What else:

  • Navel oranges aren’t yet at their sweetest: slice thinly, drizzle with honey and sprinkle with cinnamon for dessert.
  • buy fresh horseradish to eat within a week as the colour and flavour fade in the fridge.
  • look out for super-pricey and utterly delicious mangosteens from tropical Queensland.
  • fennel is a bargain this week

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