In season

May 31

In now: The best strawberries of the year are those grown in Queensland in the cool season that passes for winter there. Picking has started and the flavour is good.

At their best: Take advantage of Australian pomegranates as the harvest will finish soon. The arils store well in a closed container in the fridge so there’s no need to eat them all at once.

Best buy: Jerusalem artichokes are now a bargain. Scrub, slice and roast, or turn into soup.

In the vegie patch: Plant organic cloves of garlic, thumb-deep and about 5cm apart, in rich soil in a sunny spot.

What else:

  • avocados are back on the menu as supply finally picks up
  • look for bargain-priced baby Brussels sprouts
  • Harris Farm Markets has so far prevented four million kilos of fresh food being wasted by selling it as ‘Imperfect Picks’. Shoppers have responded so enthusiastically to the bargain-priced odd-looking things that the company is doubling the range to include William pears, red capsicum, eggplant, sweet potato, potato, tomatoes, zucchini and Granny Smith apples. Prices are up to half that of ‘perfect’ picks.
  • tried a choko yet?

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