In season

May 24

In now: Buddha’s hand is a citrus that is all rind and no flesh. Use the zest in salads and sauces, candy it for desserts, or simply allow the odd fruit to perfume the room.

Last chance: Buy green olives for home-curing. They’ll require daily, brief, attention for a couple of weeks.

Best buy: Cabbage is a keeper. Wrapped in plastic in the crisper it lasts for weeks. Keep red and white versions on hand for a quick slaw, stir fry, or braise with bacon bits and a splash of cider vinegar.

In the vegie patch: Tie peas onto their supports as they grow.

What else:

  • the unseasonably warm weather is playing havoc with the blood oranges. These citrus need cold nights and sunny days to build the anthocyanins that make the blood colour. Unless we get some cold weather soon it will be a very anaemic season for the blood oranges.
  • time to make some quince paste?
  • look out for tangelos, the juiciest of all the citrus, and like a mandarin for grown-ups
  • beetroot are a good buy this week

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