In season

May 17

In now: Jerusalem artichokes are the tubers of a towering perennial with yellow daisy-like flowers. Now that the flowers have faded and the tops died down, the harvest is ready.

At their best: Big differences in day-night temperatures builds flavour in persimmons so now that we’re reaching for a jumper at night, the fruit is at its best.

Best buy: Though it looks like a root vegetable, celeriac is actually a swollen stem and consequently has a much higher water content than starchy tubers. It can dehydrate and soften quickly and is best enjoyed when fresh and firm.

In the vegie patch: Sow rocket where summer annuals or warm season perennials have died down.

What else:

  • custard apple season is in full swing
  • the thyme is growing really well. Fry it up with some mushrooms to pile on toast
  • hunt around to score an old-fashioned tart white grapefruit. These are becoming rare as farmers plough them in or graft them over to sweeter varieties to please our ever-sweetening tooth
  • mmm, pears!
  • melons have been enjoying the long long summer. Try a rockie or piel del sapo

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