In season

May 10

In now: Much-derided choko remains crisp, sweet and juicy in a stirfry while taking up the flavours of the sauce.

At its best: Don’t be put off by wan complexions in pink lady apples. Autumn nights have been too mild to trigger the usual colour, but the flavour is still there.

Best buy: Warm weather has kept Asian vegetables growing fast. Take advantage of bargains.

In the vegie patch: Keep one of those chokos in the pantry until the fruit has sprouted then plant into a 12cm deep hole in a sunny spot with a climbing support. Harvest the fruit at egg size for best flavour.

What else:

  • horseradish grows fastest in late sumer and autumn, so expect supplies to pick up
  • Moree-grown pecans are harvested this month, so fresh local nuts should be in store soon
  • try Jerusalem artichokes boiled then fried with bacon batons and tossed through baby spinach leaves
  • time for cauliflower soup




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