In season

April 26

In now: Sweet persimmon, are also sold as fuyu fruit, can be eaten firm and crisp, skin and all, or left to soften. Harder to find are original persimmons, which ripen to a super-sweet jelly scooped out of the skin with a spoon.

At its best: Quinces have renowned storage capacity and a sweet fragrance so were used to perfume the linen cupboard in the days before scented candles. Enjoy their craggy golden good looks and fresh smell now, then cook them later.

Best buy: Bananas are a bargain.

In the vegie patch: Sow calendula seed through the vegie patch for colour, bee food, and edible petals through winter.

What else

  • fresh horseradish supplies are increasing, just as you were thinking about roasting that beef standing rib.
  • Portuguese traders introduced the Japanese to pumpkin  in the 16th century and they’ve loved it ever since. Try roasting wedges of pumpkin, Jap, of course, with teriyaki sauce.
  • look out for fresh Australian walnuts, sold in shell
  • flavour is good in celeriac now

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