In season

April 19

In now: Feijoas are sometimes called pineapple guavas in an attempt to describe the tropical fruit salad-dressed-with-lemon-juice flavour of this South American fruit. Big in New Zealand, demand for the feijoa is growing here too. Fruit is ready to eat when slightly soft.

At its best: Fennel of all sizes is fresh and crisp.

Last chance: Snake beans are on the way out so act fast for one more green papaya salad.

In the vegie patch: Feijoa is a great backyard fruit tree; small, clippable and with beautiful red edible flowers. Sadly fruit fly love it so harvests are best when the tree can be netted. Where fruit fly is not a problem it makes a fabulous edible hedge.

What else:

  • I like the tartness of the early season mandarins available now
  • there are now packham pears to add to the corella, buerre bosc choices
  • look for bargain bunches of silver beet
  • the persimmons are getting better as the nights get cooler

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