In season

April 12

In now: Kanzi is Europe’s most popular apple. It’s the offspring of royal gala and braeburn and demand here is growing after the first harvest in 2010. More trees are being planted but supply is still limited. Expect them to be gone from stores by winter.

At their best: Australian-grown kiwi fruit are easy to find right now, with green and gold varieties coming from Queensland and Victoria.

Best buy: Silverbeet offers two meals. Use the leaves first, then lightly peel the stems and cook them down in a tomato and garlic sauce until meltingly soft, about 20 minutes.

In the vegie patch: Push individual cloves of organically grown garlic into enriched soil in a sunny spot. Space them about 5cm apart.

What else: 

  • custard apples are fragile once ripe, so buy them firm and ripen at room temperature. Put them in the fridge once they are soft, but only for a day or two, as chilling blackens the skin and dampens the flavour.
  • small, crunchy kohlrabi bulbs are a bargain.
  • loving the pumpkins!
  • our favourite salad last week mixed baby spinach leaves, celery leaves, a shaved celery stem, pomegranate arils, toasted pine nuts and some leftover crispy fried onions, all dressed with a mix of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and pomegranate molasses. We ate it with a couple of barbecued king prawns and a glass of chardonnay and felt very lucky.



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