In season

March 8

In now: Look out for mangosteens from tropical Queensland. Hard to find, pricey and utterly delicious. To open cut the thick skin around the fruit’s equator, lift off the top and scoop out the segments.

Going fast: The lychee season is wrapping up. Grab one last handful of sweet juicy fruit.

Best buy: Machine-picked green beans are a bargain this week. The brown marks that can develop on otherwise snappy fresh beans are a sign that they have been overchilled in storage. Use them fast.

In the vegie patch: Plan a preserving weekend to sauce the tomatoes, pickle the cucumbers and freeze the beans.

What else:

  • Italy is the biggest producer of kiwi fruit in the world, and that’s where supplies are coming from at the moment
  • are you celebrating the range of fabulous tomatoes in every salad you can think of?
  • the undersized plums at Harris Farm Markets Imperfect Picks are perfect for jam
  • tasty Tasmanian carrots are bargain of the week



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